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Price List

Janitorial                                                     Carpet Cleaning
Routine Janitorial  $0.08 Sq Ft     Carpet Cleaning $0.08-0.45  Sq Ft 
 Window Cleaning  $1.25  Per Pane    Carpet Cleaning with Protectant  $.25-$.65 Sq Ft
 Carpet Cleaning  $0.08 Sq Ft     Stairs  $1-$3 Per
 Upholstry Cleaning  $1-3 Ln Ft    Landings  $3-$15 Per
 Tile Cleaning  $1-1.25 Sq Ft    Du-pont Teflon  $.25-$.35 Sq Ft
 Tile and Grout Sealing  $$2-2.50 Sq Ft    Carpet Dyeing  $0.10-$.20 Sq Ft
 Pavement Cleaning  $0.10-0.18 Sq Ft    Grout and Tile Sealing $1.25-$1.50  Sq Ft
 Awning Cleaning  By Estimate      Grout and Tile Cleaning  1.25-$1.50 Sq Ft
 General Maintenance  By Estimate      Upholstry Cleaning  $1-$3 Ln Ft
 Floor Care  $.08-$1.25 Sq Ft   Drape Claening   $.50-$1.75 Ln Ft

Power Washing                                         Emergency Clean - up

 Houses  $100-$300 Flat Price     Inspection  $40-$2000 By Samples 
 Houses $.50-$2.00  Ln Ft    Typical Remediation  $500-$5000  Whole House
 Driveways and Sidewalks $0.08-$0.15  Sq Ft    Structual Damage  $2000- $15000  Entire Home
 Driveways and Sidewalks  $75-$200 Flat Price    Surface damage  $500-$1000  Price Per
 Cedar Roofs $.60-$0.90 Sq Ft    Water Extraction  By Estimate  
 Composition Roofs $0.10-$0.30 Sq Ft    Fire Cleanup  By Estimate  
 Single Wide $40-$55      Dehu's  $125.00 Per Day
 Double Wide $50-$65      Fans $50.00  Per Day
 New Construction $0.02-$0.30  Sq Ft    Cleanup and Rebuild By Estimate   
 Parking Lots $8-$20  Per Lane    Personal Belongings  By Estimate  

Wood Floors                                                  Floor Care

 Refinish  $1.25 Sq Ft    Strip and Wax  $.12  Sq Ft 
 Stain and Seal  $3.25 Sq Ft     Scrub and Recoat $.08  Sq Ft
 Parquet Floors  $3.25 Sq Ft     Buffing $.02-$.03  Sq Ft
 Stairs  $25 Each     Repairs By Estimate   
 Screen and Coat  $0.75 Sq Ft     Polishing $.25-$1.25 Sq Ft 
 Flooring Removal        Crystalizing $.50-$2.00  Sq Ft 
 Nail Down Floors $2.00  Sq Ft     Honing $1-$4  Sq Ft
 Glued Down Floors $3.00  Sq Ft     Grinding $2-$6  Sq Ft
 Ceramic $3.50  Sq Ft     Resurfacing $1.00-$3.00  Sq Ft
 Carpet $.35  Sq Ft    Grout Cleaning $1.25  Sq Ft 
 Floating $1.00  Sq Ft     Sealing Tile $1.25-$2.50  Sq Ft
 Shoe and Quarter Round $2.25  Ln Ft         
 Floor Prep $60  HR        
 Appliance Movement $45  Each        
 Baseboard $1.25  Ln Ft        

*All Estimates are subject to change, these are a price guide for all work completed. Prices include all supplies and materials. For best pricing pleae contact our sales team for a estimate.
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